How it works

Every organ has its “reflex” anatomical projection on the foot. This representation is based on a 10 areas body subdivision, extending over the 10 fingers and 10 toes.réflexologie 10 zones
Reflexology treats functional diseases of organs disturbed in their blood supply and innervation.

In the organ « reflex » area, the pathology can be found on the foot as a sensitive or painfull zone due to deposition of crystals, or congested tissue. This sensitive zone is called “reflex point”.

The treatment of these points causes physiological reactions in the body, and restores balance of the organ disruption.
Based on strong anatomical, physiological knowledge and mastery of reflex points correspondence on the foot, reflexology allows to reach most of human body and its many systems.

Specific treatment protocols allow the practitioner to focus his action with great efficiency.
Reflexology cannot and should not, in any case, neither substitute for allopathic medicine or establish any medical diagnosis or discontinue or change medical treatment.
It should only be used in support to recovery.

You should know that the feet can record sensitivity to a reflex point long time before the disease symptoms appear.