Prior to the session : I rise by appointment at home or at the office (16, rue Marius Monti à Cannes -06400).

Reflexology doesn’t require any special equipment. It is practiced on bare feet, ankles released. The feet should be cleaned, especially in case of corns or excess skin.

DSCF7886'lightIt is very important for the patient to be comfortably installed (sitting or lying). If you wish, I can provide and sit you in a recliner. A calm atmosphere without too vivid light will be conducive to optimal relaxation.
During the first session, we take the time to review your medical liability (diseases), trauma (accidents, fractures, trauma, emotional shock) therapy (medical treatment, rehabilitation).

During the session : The session can begin by a first contact with the feet, with a relaxing massage (stretching and light flexibility of the foot).
Each session lasts:

Réflexologie pour les bébés• 1 hour for adults
• 30 minutes for the child
• 10 to 15 minutes for the baby (without forcing him, he will decide himself, by his behavior, if the session should stop or continue)

The sessions almost always bring well-being and relaxation, but it is common to find aching points on the foot, corresponding to congested areas or organ dysfunctions. The pressure will be eased, and the painful point will be treated more gently, but with more attention.
The benefits of a session are as efficient as the patient is relaxed, receptive to the work of the practitioner. Reflexology session is a path we should take together, even you fall asleep.

After the session : In the same way that two people will not react the same way to a particular circumstance of existence, the reactions after a session can be very diverse. Reflexology stimulates circulation, increases the body vitality and gives to nature the strength to overcome, to reject out of the system, poisons that led to the disease.

DSCF7895'lightThe duration and intensity of each session will be adjusted to the vitality of each patient.
It is not uncommon to get results from the first session, but at least 3 sessions are usually required to observe the benefits of reflexology. The frequency of meetings will also be adapted to allow the body to absorb the effects of a session and to respond to it. Again it will depend on the patient vitality.

Drink a full glass of water at the end of a the session will optimize its benefits